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🌎 Virtual Field Trips and 🗺️ Interactive Zoo Maps.

Imagine a world where children around the world are equipped with courage, confidence, and communication skills to tackle their life's problems. Our platform provides a nine-year character enrichment program to do just that, all while aligning to modern education practices.

You can expect to find 4D virtual field trips, passports, digital desks, global classrooms, parents portals, and other resources that are constantly evolving to cater to our explorer's needs.

On the enterprise side, we make digital zoo maps that enable zoological organizations to better market, analyze and digitize their attraction. Our maps enable their visitors to navigate around zoos better, but also provide zoo executives with valuable insights to improve their organization.

The Zoptiks Foundation supports orphans, human and animal. By working with established foster care and wildlife conservation organizations; to deliver our products and services free of charge.

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We often release small freelance projects that turn into contract work before converting them into full-time roles. This 3 step process, gives the applicant and Zoptiks time to see if we're a good fit for each other while also giving applicants the chance to prove they can do the work.

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